Consultancy Services

Quality Address Management Consultancy

We advise many of Ireland’s public and private sector organisations on their addressing requirements. We process millions of records every year giving us vast experience in understanding the unique issues with Irish addresses.

Autoaddress is the premier provider of address matching and point-of-entry address validation software in Ireland.  Used in many of Ireland’s leading websites, we are a key partner in many of Ireland’s major database holders.

We have worked with every industry and every size of organisation. We have a wide range of project and data enhancement expertise within our team.  We provide custom and out-of-the-box solutions to help our clients deliver a better service to their clients. 

Consultancy Services

Autoaddress were part of the consortium tasked with delivering Eircodes for Ireland. We were chosen because of our comprehensive knowledge of Irish address issues and our powerful address matching engine. Our engine has the lowest error rate and highest match rates (99.75%) in the industry.

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