Mobile App

  • How can I fix my incorrect address or map coordinates in the app?

      If you believe that there is incorrect information about your Eircode or it's coordinates, you can contact Eircode via

  • How do I reorder or optimise my routes in deliveries?

      To reorder or optimise your routes, you can press the cog button at the very top of the deliveries list, make sure that you are in the deliveries screen and to scroll to the top of the page to see the icon.


      Also note that the "Optimise Route" feature has a limitation and will only sort your deliveries if you have less than 24 entries. This limitation is present because any more than 24 addresses is too complex to process and cannot be processed in a reasonable amount of time or will not be reliable in accuracy.

  • Does the Mobile App have search limits?

      Currently the Autoaddress mobile app does not have a search limit.

  • Why is my building label in the wrong position in the map?

      In some cases for some business establishments. An icon with the business name may appear on the map. If these icons are incorrect, this may be due to Google maps placing the icon in the wrong position.

      Unfortunately we are unable to edit this on our side, for best results, it is recommended that you follow the blue dots and arrow we have given instead of the icons on the map.

  • Why does my address not have a blue dot in the app?

      If your address is not showing up as a blue dot in our app, it may be because your address has not been registered to the Eircode database. Please contact Eircode via if this is the case.

  • Why is Google maps not appearing when I search for directions?

      This is most likely because you do not have Google Maps as your default app for accessing maps and directions. Please make sure that you have Google Maps as your default map app in your phone's settings.